Nigerian Oil Spill Monitor

Nigerian Oil Spill Monitor
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About the data

The data on this site is based on the paper records of Joint Investigation Visits (JIVs) carried out when an oil spill takes place. It is kept up to date by NOSDRA.

Why is there no data prior to 2006?

NOSDRA was set up in 2006. NOSDRA is working to update the information displayed on the Oil Spill Monitor, but needs the support of others to do so. Data submitted by oil companies and others can also be incomplete, for example missing geolocation data.

NOSDRA is working with the industry to improve compliance and reporting obligations.

Why do some companies show few oil spills?

There are concerns about regulatory compliance relating to the reporting and clean-up of oil spills by those responsible.

A larger number of spills attributed to a particular company could mean it has a stronger commitment to regulatory compliance, although as with any data care should be taken when interpreting it. Some companies with large operations in the Niger Delta may have no data available.

About NOSDRA, the government agency responsible for maintaining the data

  • NOSDRA is the Nigerian Federal Government agency responsible for monitoring and responding to oil spills in Nigeria.
  • NNOSDRA Monitor oil spills and their cleanup in Nigeria through it's Zonal Offices.
  • NOSDRA acts between oil companies and communities at the local and state level.
  • NOSDRA works to ensure industry compliance with the Nigerian legal and regulatory framework relating to the oil industry and the environment.